Long Fiction

I write novels, seven and a half to date! My third manuscript ‘Que Sera Sera’ got me a place on the QWC Hachette Manuscript Development Program.

Jess McDonald is the daughter of former celebrity, Selina Silvers and, for a time, was an adorable child star herself. Jess is living a happily itinerant lifestyle, eating Pringles and chocolate and generally keeping her former life far out of reach. But when she lands in The Stump, a rural township on the verge of celebrating its 125th anniversary, and filled with quirky locals, she fits right in. And that’s not right.

Que Sera Sera opening

The next manuscript I wrote, ‘The Memory Finder’ was longlisted for the 2021 QWC Adaptable program.

Jett Wilde is an anxiety-riddled teen with overbearing parents, a penchant for all things geek, a best mate with an even greater penchant, and hyperthymesia – he can literally remember everything he has ever done since the age of four. He is the self-proclaimed most boring boy in the world. Then he meets Ruby, who has no memory. When Ruby asks Jett to help her remember, he has to step out of his boring skin and into a brave, new one.

The Memory Finder opening