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Coal Creek

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Coal Creek Literary Festival in Korumburra. It’s a small, relaxed affair but with authors Honey Brown, Sandi Wallace and Nicole Hayes on the timetable, it was far from ‘small’ in terms of value. In fact, the informal atmosphere made it a great way to connect with the writers and have the opportunity to ask questions without a microphone and 200 other people listening to you!

Listening to authors who’ve been published is always inspiring for me. It’s a path I’d like to follow and to hear again about the creativity, the hard work, the isolation and introspection, the setbacks and sometimes the luck involved in the publishing process is always interesting. I learn something new each time I hear it.

And there were books…

I’ve recently been added to a Facebook group and the photos of old houses, sheds and outbuildings is proving inspirational for short story ideas. I’ve finished the first draft of a story based on one of the photos posted and hope to redraft ready to send off to the FAW National Literary Awards. It’s always great to get a sudden jolt of inspiration, and I haven’t written the short form for a while. A refreshing change from the current novel-in-progress.

About vickydaddo

I live in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I write short fiction and novels. My stories have appeared in The Big Issue Fiction Special, Award Winning Australian Writing, Women’s Day, That’s Life and other anthologies. I have won or been placed in many competitions including the Hope Prize, the Scarlet Stilettos and the FAW National Literary Awards. In 2018, I received a women’s writing scholarship through The Hope Prize. I am a Writers Victoria Regional Ambassador for Gippsland and President of the Gippsland Writers Group. I teach creative writing classes at Warragul Community House and help program the Latrobe Literary Festival.
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