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I live in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I write short fiction and novels. My stories have appeared in The Big Issue Fiction Special, Award Winning Australian Writing, Women’s Day, That’s Life and other anthologies. I have won or been placed in many competitions including the Hope Prize, the Scarlet Stilettos and the FAW National Literary Awards. In 2018, I received a women’s writing scholarship through The Hope Prize. I am a Writers Victoria Regional Ambassador for Gippsland and President of the Gippsland Writers Group. I teach creative writing classes at Warragul Community House and help program the Latrobe Literary Festival.

Ups and Downs

This last few weeks have been a roller coaster, with the high of winning second prize in the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction and the downer of receiving a rejection for a manuscript submission. From the competition win, new pathways to … Continue reading

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What a day

Last weekend, I attended the Latrobe City Literary Festival. It was a wonderful day and exhausting, not the least because I helped to organise it. Following the Regional Ambassadors meeting at Writers Vic late last year, a fellow Gippsland writer … Continue reading

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My writing week

It’s been a mixed bag of writing ups and downs. On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Writers Victoria’s Regional Ambassadors Forum. The forum looked at ways WV can increase opportunities for accessing quality events and resources for writers in regional areas in … Continue reading

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One year on from Brisbane…

So, this time last year I was on my way to Brisbane to take part in the QWC Hachette Manuscript development program. I was one of ten writers to attend the four-day retreat which featured one-on-one meetings with Hachette editors and … Continue reading

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Inspiring and inspiration

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Coal Creek Literary Festival in Korumburra. It’s a small, relaxed affair but with authors Honey Brown, Sandi Wallace and Nicole Hayes on the timetable, it was far from ‘small’ in terms of … Continue reading

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It’s good news week

I’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks in writing terms. First, I came second in a writing competition, one that I had forgotten I’d entered. Reading the judge’s report gave me food for thought – how other people see … Continue reading

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Women’s fiction and ain’t love grand?

I attended a couple of sessions at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival yesterday – both with a focus on women’s fiction, women in fiction and women writers. The first discussed lit vs genre and dealt primarily with erotica. My take home … Continue reading

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Once more with feeling

Hi there I’ve been away from the blog for too long. But I haven’t been away from writing. In fact, since I last posted here I’ve written two novels and quite a few short stories, some of which have snagged … Continue reading

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Multi tasking: a good thing or spreading myself too thin?

I’m currently writing novel number two. The first one languishes, timid and shy, in the bottom drawer for fear of being laughed at. And with good reason. It’s pretty ordinary. And in the too hard basket for editing. The second … Continue reading

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Plunge in or plan it?

Are you a plunger or a planner? When I did a TAFE writing and editing course last year I learnt about the Snowflake method of writing long fiction. The basic premise is your centre and you add layer upon layer … Continue reading

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